Social Media Marketing

Facebook Lead Generation

If you’re not familiar with them, lead ads are Facebook’s answer to the insane amount of time the average person spends on his or her mobile device. It’s no secret that conversions from paid channels tend to take a hit on mobile, so Facebook decided to eliminate one of the most prohibitive steps for would-be converters: visiting your website.

Instead, with lead ads, you just choose from the menu of targeting options, create a lead form, and watch the (significantly cheaper) scorching hot leads roll in. They can be used to acquire all sorts of information, from potential consumers anywhere in the funnel.

We have had large success in increasing the revenues of many local business via Facebook lead gen ads.

We’ve been able to consistently generate up to 20-40 leads on a predictable monthly basis for our clients using the 3 strategies below.

Here are our 3 Proven Strategies:

  • Write a good “short story” ad with some type of relevant offer or lead magnet to capture your ideal client’s attention and interest. (The offer can be a discount off a service you provide or a free e-book guide as an example)
  • Promote the ad in front of thousands of people who would benefit from your service such as stay at home moms, newly married couples, or military service members (These are all actually targeting demographics in Facebook)
  • Install a Facebook Pixel to your website so you can follow up with people who visit your website and engage with your content. (These are called custom audiences in Facebook where you can group people based off of the actions they took on your website and re-target them with ads)

Industries we Specialize In:

  • Chiropractors
  • Weight Loss Surgeons
  • Spas & Hair Salons
  • Restaurants
  • Roofing Contractors

Call us today to learn how we can apply our 3 Proven Strategies to grow your business!